Made with ‘Natural Ingredients’

What does this mean exactly? Made with natural ingredients?

Most common response from people – it’s made with natural ingredients so it’s safe!

 Not Exactly.

I’m here to tell you what this means.

Companies use this phrase often ‘made with natural ingredients’ or ‘naturally based’ as a marketing scheme which makes their product sound like it is a natural product. But don’t be fooled. They are not 100% natural products. They may still contain harmful ingredients mixed with the natural ones.


Some natural ingredients can be harmful too! Just because it is natural, does not necessarily mean it is safe.

For the average person to actually know all this is pretty slim, so don’t feel so bad if you had no idea, you’re not the only one! I only learned about this in the past few years and have been doing research and educating myself since. And let me tell you, there is a LOT to learn, it can be overwhelming sometimes.

One really good source I use is the EWG Skin Deep Database. You can search almost an ingredient and it will give you the information they currently have on it. But beware, if there is little information on that ingredient it could be that it is too new on the market to actually know what the long term effects are. New ingredients are made in labs everyday which makes it nearly impossible to keep up. So while the information from this site is a great start, there is still much to learn.  1982139_596996340387968_1737368759_n

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