Why did I choose Organic Makeup?

Okay, so you hopefully read my story on how I got into the beauty industry (read it HERE if you haven’t), now I’d like to tell you why I chose to go Organic. In the past few years “organic” has started becoming more and more popular in the Vancouver area. It’s almost trendy to be “organic”. But those that actually care, take the time to do the research and actually learn what the benefits are rather than jumping on the trend wagon.

For many years before I started my mobile makeup company in Langley, I was using only pure mineral makeup on my own skin as I suffered from acne for so many years and it was the only makeup that would cover it up without making it worse. In fact, depending on the brand I chose, I noticed it did get a little better. At that time, I was only using mineral powder foundations as my skin did not like any liquid foundation that touched it. Not only that, but I couldn’t find a liquid that was clean enough.

When I found my passion in makeup artistry again, I decided since I’m only using natural mineral makeup on myself, why not use that on my clients as well? So the research began. I tried many products in my search for clean cosmetics and started learning what was actually in our cosmetics. Let me tell you, it was scary. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know, and the more terrified I got along the way. I could have just stopped before I got too deep, but it was like a train wreck, I couldn’t look away.

Many of the ingredients are  considered “safe” by the FDA. Maybe they are right, in low concentrations. But when you’re using 10-20 products per day that all have these questionable ingredients in them, it may become a toxic overload to your body. Almost everything you put on your skin is absorbed straight into the bloodstream in about 26 seconds! The average women uses 12 products per day. We may not notice immediate effects, but you may be slowly poisoning yourself…loss of eye sight, cancer, kidney failure, birth defects….the list of potential dangers goes on and on.

And here I am now, super picky with products I use (which isn’t a bad thing!). It turned out to be more of a lifestyle change than just changing over makeup products. I started being more cautious of not only makeup, but skin care, body care, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, EVERYTHING. I also started paying more attention to ingredients in food and started to eat cleaner – which started to help my skin even more!

Anyway, back to the makeup part. Because I am all about making women feel beautiful inside and out, I decided it was time to toss any product that didn’t meet my high standards of being natural and organic. I tossed my entire kit at the time and purchased all new products and started my own company. I couldn’t be more happy with my decision. And yes it did take some time to find the right products for me. I needed products that would perform the same as the other professional products I was using and it needed to last all day, even through sweat and tears for brides. The foundations also needed to look natural on the skin and not feel like you are wearing another layer of skin, this is why I went with mineral airbrush foundation while I searched for a good liquid foundation. And I now offer both airbrush and traditional foundations. I spent a lot of money and time testing new products so I could find the right ones for my kit. I wanted the highest quality and they also had to be cruelty free. Not long after that, I decided vegan products were also important and adjusted my kit again.

Photo by Stefanie Fournier Photography

Purchasing local was also an important aspect, I at least wanted Canadian products. That has been another challenge more for my hair products than makeup products. There seems to be quite a few really great non-toxic makeup products that are made right here in BC (which I will talk about soon)! Others like my airbrush foundation, I have had to source out of the US as there was nothing in Canada that meets my standards for non-toxic. It will be a work in progress for hair products, but there are some great brands out there! I have found some non-aerosol hairsprays that are organic and seem to be working great so far, but sometimes you just need the power of the aerosol. At least they are all cruelty free and vegan, and free from many harmful ingredients so they are safer. It’s a start!

I am super proud to be offering all non-toxic, cruelty free and vegan products to my clients! Contact me to book your luxury makeover with top quality non-toxic products! Or if you have a collaboration project, I would love to hear about it! 🙂

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